Welcome to U4!

The U4 league is for children under 4 years old (birth year 2013 & 2014) who want to give soccer a try. It is a low pressure, fun filled experience.

U4 At a Glance


Under 4

Players per Team:


Game Format:

Activities, drills and scrimmage



Required Equipment:

Size 3 soccer ball, water bottle, snack (team shirt and socks provided by league)

Recommended (Optional) Equipment:

Cleats and shin guards

When & Where:

Saturdays at West Road field 2B1 and 2B2


Alli Flaherty - cathy.heinrich@lysa-nh.org

U4 In Depth

We understand that for some children this will be their first experience in an organized sport, so we want to make it an easy transition from the sidelines to the field. When you arrive at the field for your scheduled U4 time slot, or ‘game’, the children will start with some fun activities and drills that will get them comfortable moving the ball around and getting to know their teammates. If your child is shy or needs your encouragement, we would love to have you join in on the fun! After a few of these activities, your child’s team and another team will play a short scrimmage to work on getting the ball up and down the field and use some of the team work skills they were just practicing. The coaches are working with the children’s moods, the weather, and their attention span to make sure that everything stays fun and encouraging, and not so long that it becomes boring or the children lose interest.

Each week your child will want to bring a size 3 soccer ball, a water bottle, and a snack. Cleats and shin guards are encouraged, but not required. Your child will receive a shirt and socks as their uniform.

There will be two Saturdays in the season where the U4 and U6 players will be trained by professional trainer Mark Ruest. Regularly scheduled games on these two dates will be suspended and parents and coaches will be notified in advance with details about these dates and great opportunities.